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Why I don't upload content on Twitter

Posted by SuperBioman4 - 1 month ago

G'day there lads, lasses and stalkers alike, by now you may have noticed that my Twitter account (@BIO_LF) is filled to the brim with nonsense and shitposts rather than actual, genuine content. Why is this? Well sit your asses down, crack open a nice cold beer and listen to ol' uncle BiO bitch about a dumb bird app as though that hasn't been done a billion times by other people.


So back when DeviantArt or uhh, WiX teased and announced that they were essentially going to Hiroshima their entire website UI with Eclipse, much of the talent (and talentless) ended up putting more focus into or just flat out moving entirely to this website called Twitter. At this time, I figured I would do the same to maintain relevancy and even upload some behind-the-scenes and exclusive content. It didn't take long until it hit me like a brick to the crotch; Twitter is a horrid shithole with no redeeming qualities and on top of that, it is NOT an art site. Look, I don't care what you say, Twitter is not an art site and even if it was, it would be the absolute worst. By 2020, I could no longer tolerate Twitter. I'm both too afraid and feel it's a waste of time to post anything meaningful on this miserable site. The only way you can get seen in the algorithm is by bitching and whining about whatever is on the trending tab, which is 70% politics, 20% e-celeb "drama" and 10% sports or blockbuster movie gossip (usually Marvel). I hate political discussion on the internet, especially when majority of the people participating in it are raging militant puritans who never seem to want to shut the fuck up for five-fucking-minutes. Okay, how about e-celeb drama, or just drama in general? I don't fucking care about the personal lives of strangers on the internet nor do I care to sit on my ass and talk about some guy cheating on his girlfriend with a mop or some shit. Half the allegations I see tend to be false or overblown most of the time and when it is real, the fuck do you want me to do about it? Call the cops? OH WAIT Twitter hates the police... Except when they're arresting people they don't like. (Haha, I love double-standards too!) Spread awareness? How can I do that when EVERYONE IS AWARE. Alright, that's politics and drama covered, how about the sports and movies... Well I'm not much of a sports guy, and I'm kinda just tired of superhero stuff at this point so uhh, yeah. As a result, nothing I post is gonna get seen. However at this point, I probably don't want to be noticed on Twitter, given how absolutely in-fucking-sane the userbase is. The userbase of Twitter genuinely frightens me, it really does. Every time I post anything, I do it under the fear that I'm going to piss people off and I'll never hear the end of it. I'm afraid some psycho is going to go as far as to track me down and fucking shoot me over having a bloody opinion on the internet, because all it takes to set someone off is a literally who saying something they don't like. I have plenty of gripes with the userbase that has pushed me further and further away from even the concept of contact with other human beings. Believe me, I could go on an on and on about how much I despite Twitter and it's Chernobyl-level toxic userbase. I could bring up how these people are practically destroying the reputation of marginalized groups by fighting prejudice and supremacy with prejudice and supremacy, making us look like assholes. Or by obnoxiously speaking up for people who aren't remotely offended by something, making us look like we're weak and overly-sensitive as a result. I could talk about how Twitter as a whole seems completely oblivious to the concept of forgiveness and how the tiniest mistake can have you viewed as being worse than some of the most vile monsters to walk this earth. I could even talk about how the people on this site can start a massive smear campaign to destroy both your career and even your life simply because they're jealous of you or because they want their precious clout. But I won't, you get the idea by now. Oh yeah and this is all without mentioning how shit Twitter is for finding art, the website is simply not structured for it. Unless you use oddly specific hashtags, good luck even finding your own shit. At least Tumblr had the archive feature, for as messy and clunky as it was. Then there's the compression, hoo-boy. If your image is too big, then it'll be resized and maybe as an added "fuck you", it gets converted to jpeg. Oh, you want transparency? Nahh son, jpeg time, fuck you!

All of this said is why I refuse to use Twitter as an "art site", it's why I refuse to post anything remotely genuine on it anymore and have resorted to dumb shitposting. At this point I'll probably just junk my account there or simply abandon it, Twitter sucks balls and I can't fathom how anyone can tolerate browsing that dump for longer than five minutes. Well, I think I've said all I needed to say, see you next time I have something to upload or until I decide to COMPLAiN about something again.